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What is Pilates?

C l a s s e s

Pilates is a system of exercises to strengthen and stretch the body improving tone and posture. Practising the movements creates body awareness and control, building confidence and integrity.

P i l a t e s

What can Pilates do for you?

  • Learn how to master your body and mind.
  • Explore how to be open and curious.
  • Navigate under your own power.
  • Activate – use self-activating techniques daily.

O n l i n e

C l a s s e s

How are the classes organized?

Daily Lunchtime and evening classes. Private and Corporate classes are organized upon request.


Group, private and corporate classes available via ZOOM

Small online classes

1h evening class, 40 min Lunchtime. Beginners, Improvers and Advanced levels, group and private classes. 24h cancellation policy.

Corporate wellness

Improve your health, increase focus and productivity.


Helpful tips to achieve your personal goals and create healthy daily habits.

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